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Click the button below to generate an auto-populated email draft. Read about why we are emailing the City Council below.

On June 12, 2020 we sent a petition to our city council demanding that they defund and terminate our contract with the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department (LASD). [You can read our petition HERE.] In response, the Public Safety Commission compiled a report advising the board against our petition. While the Council agreed with the Public Safety Commission’s report in a public meeting, we were never sent a formal response from anyone on the Council regarding our petition. 

Regardless of their decision on our initial, we believe that the information we presented to the council is urgent and demands attention. The corruption within the LASD is not something we are immune to in La Canada and it is a poor reflection on the character of our city for us to be paying the LASD millions of dollars a year while silently watching as deputies assault, abuse, and murder our friends, neighbors, and family members in LA County. 

It has been disappointing to see La Canada’s appointed leaders maintain their silence while millions continue to protest in support of Black Lives Matter across the country and across the world. Recently, cities like Glendale and Burbank have passed resolutions to recognize the need to address racism in their communities. So why can't we?

We are calling on you to help make your voice heard and pressure our council into addressing our concerns by sending an email in support of our mission to create a safer, more inclusive, La Canada.

Mayor Walker

Mayor Pro Tem Eich

Councilmember Davitt

Councilmember Curtis

Councilmember Gunter

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Email Template

Dear Mayor Terry Walker,
I, __________, am emailing you, as a concerned resident and your constituent, to express my support for the passing of a racial justice focused resolution for the City of La Canada Flintridge. Last year Glendale led the way by passing the first ever Sundown Town Resolution in California, recognizing Glendale's history of purposefully excluding Black people and other people of color from the City. La Canada BLM has drafted a preliminary resolution with the goal to follow Glendale's and pass a similar resolution for our community. There is ample evidence from HOLC maps, historical accounts, advertisements, and anecdotes that indicate that the community that is now the City of La Canada was a sundown town. The City of Burbank already passed a nearly identical resolution to that of Glendale and South Pasadena is currently developing one. It's time for La Canada to do the same. I would appreciate a response regarding your interest in starting this important work in our community.

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