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Does the LASD Belong in La Canada?

While La Canada is known for its exemplary schools and small-town feel, as an incorporated city of Los Angeles County we are not insulated from the corruption of the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department (LASD). In fact, our community spends millions of dollars a year for LASD's "services", but what is the LASD? How good of a public safety system do they operate? What does it cost us? To learn more about the work of the LASD read our paper linked below.

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"There are serious concerns and reports that accountability and adherence to legitimate policing practices have lapsed at the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department. We are undertaking this investigation to determine if LASD has violated the law or the rights of the people of Los Angeles County."

- Former California Attorney General Xavier Becerra

Press Release, January 22, 2021

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According to the FBI’s 2018 annual report, the national recovery rate for property was 28.4%; by comparison, the Crescenta Valley Station reported a recovery rate of only 16% that same year and that dropped to just 5% in 2019 (Source, Source,).

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Nearly 80% of whom were Black or Latine.

The Los Angeles Sheriff's Department is responsible for over 400 of these killings.

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With nearly 1 in 3 inmates requiring mental health treatment the Twin Towers Correctional Facility is also the largest "mental health facility" in the country. (Source, Source)

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Sheriff Luna

Robert luna is currently serving as the 34th Sheriff of Los Angeles County. Similar to his predecessor Alex Villanueva, Luna promised reform and improved police community relations. Despite these promises there have been few tangible changes during his first year in office. 

Similarly, Alex Villanueva, the 33rd Sheriff of LA County, promised to form a Truth and Reconciliation Committee for the purpose of righting wrongs done by the Sheriff’s Department. Instead of reviewing cases of brutality in the Department, as he had initially claimed was his intent, he used this committee to rehire a deputy who was fired for allegations of domestic abuse and stalking (Source). Villanueva has also continued to downplay the existence of violent deputy gangs referring to them as a "cultural norm" (Source). 

His failure to cooperate resulted in the Civilian Oversight Commission calling on him to resign in October 2020 (Source). The following month, the LA County Board of Supervisors voted 3-2 to explore options to impeach or relieve Villanueva of his responsibilities (Source).

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FBI investigations have revealed that deputies have been known to develop their own creeds and use tattoos to identify one another allowing them to organize and operate in a manner similar to gangs. These groups have been known to encourage and reward acts of brutality (Source). This includes reports that one gang of deputies would “earn” their tattoos by breaking the bones of inmates in Men’s Central in Los Angeles (Source).

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We refuse to accept the violent form of policing that has been normalized by the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department. We discuss all of this and more in our paper "Does the LASD Belong In La Canada?". If you are a resident of La Canada or LA County we encourage you to read our paper and dive into the research yourself to learn more about what exactly your tax dollars are funding.

We deserve a better public safety system. 

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