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La Canada Flintridge was a Sundown Town. It's time we recognize that.

Read the resolution or click the "Sundown in La Canada" header to learn more about the racist history of our community and its impact on our city today.





WHEREAS, racial disparities have existed since the birth of this nation, to the

detriment of Black communities and people of color, and persist across wealth, health,

education, the criminal justice system, and beyond; and

WHEREAS, the U.S. Census reported that the Black or African American

population of La Canada Flintridge in 1980 was 0.0026% and in 2010 was 0.54% and 2019 estimates place it as 0.8%;

WHEREAS, although no official ordinance or law of the City of La Canada Flintridge has

been found imposing sundown restrictions, oral/written history as well as public accounts, plainly demonstrate La Canada’s history as a “sundown town” for a significant portion of the 20th century;

WHEREAS, such sundown towns throughout the state of California, along with towns and cities in many other states, excluded—often by social and cultural means, including police profiling—members of non-white racial and ethnic groups, particularly African Americans, from living in said jurisdictions or even being inside the city limits after sundown;

WHEREAS, many real estate subdivisions created in La Canada Flintridge adopted and enforced racially restrictive covenants and deed restrictions that kept African Americans and people of color from purchasing property and living in those subdivisions for several decades in the 20th century in La Canada Flintridge;

WHEREAS, the City of La Canada Flintridge understands the importance of examining what role it has played in institutional racism, both historically and currently, and is ready to embark on a journey towards racial literacy; and

WHEREAS, the La Canada Flintridge City Council envisions a city that fosters diversity, equity, and inclusion throughout every community in La Canada Flintridge;


La Canada Flintridge does hereby resolve, declare, and determine, as follows:

(A) The City of La Canada Flintridge acknowledges, apologizes for, and condemns all racially-motivated, discriminatory, or exclusionary aspects of the City’s history, and deeply regrets the pain, hurt, and suffering such policies have Caused;

(B) The City of La Canada Flintridge City Council and staff will continue to engage in individual and collective work to understand bias;

(C) The City of La Canada Flintridge will continue to examine the historical role that racism has played in La Canada Flintridge by committing resources to draft a historical context statement with a racial/ethnic theme to better understand and address historical development patterns within La Canada Flintridge;

(D) The City of La Canada Flintridge will review and revise its policies, procedures,

ordinances, values, goals, and missions through an anti-racism lens to foster an unbiased and inclusive environment that is free of discrimination and harassment toward any person or group;

(E) The City of La Canada Flintridge will promote inclusion and equity, and will stand up to bigotry, hatred, intolerance, racism, and violence; and

(F) The City of La Canada Flintridge unequivocally rejects racism in all its forms and is committed to working towards building an antiracist La Canada Flintridge where people of all races and cultural backgrounds are welcome to live and prosper.

We anticipate that this resolution will adapt and evolve as we conduct more research as a community, but we encourage you to sign your name to support this important step in acknowledging past wrongs so that we can secure a more just and equitable future.


Who We Are

Founded in May of 2020, La Canada BLM is a group of La Canada residents and community members dedicated to protecting Black lives and creating a better La Canada Flintridge for all.

Attached below is a paper titled "Does the LASD belong in La Canada" that was inspired by our understanding of safety as a fundamental right and belief that the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department is unwilling or unable to secure this right for our community. We have laid out this argument in the attached 15 pages along with a petition demanding action from our city council.


Our Mission

Uplift And Inspire

Our movement was born out of our strong sense of attachment and appreciation for our community here in La Canada. As long-standing community members we seek to educate and empower our neighbors and supporters to combat racism in our city and beyond. We started this movement because we realized that the voices and actions of the larger racial justice movements in Los Angeles were not being heard in our community. We hope to continue using our platform to amplify the voices of those who have come before us and those who have been doing this work for generations.



While redesigning our public safety system will require years of work, we are committed to replacing the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department (LASD) in our community with a public safety system that adequately addresses the needs of residents. The actions of the LASD are inexcusable. We need to take a stand against the acts of evil committed against the residents of LA County at the hands of the LASD by committing to building a suitable replacement and subsequently terminating our contract with the LASD when their services are no longer necessary. We have compiled the research that has led us to conclude that the LASD must be abolished in a report titled “Does the LASD Belong in La Canada” linked above.

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Build Community

Our commitment to bettering our community is at the core of our work at La Canada BLM. We are guided and inspired by the needs of local residents and seek to provide resources to help spur public engagement. Our main focus is to support one another in designing a public safety system that is truly just and equitable. While this goal may seem very specific, public support comes in many different forms and we are committed to helping community members of any age and qualification get involved. Whether it's organizing a protest, meeting with our city officials, creating a school club, or simply asking questions about our work, we are here and more than willing to provide you with any support you need! Redesigning our public safety system depends on your support.

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