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Who We Are

Founded in May of 2020, La Canada BLM is a group of La Canada residents and supporters dedicated to protecting Black lives. Through protests, food drives, and online petitions organized by our leadership, we have been able to support our neighbors in need in the LA area while reaffirming our commitment to protecting Black lives. Read more about our movement in our petition and research paper!

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More About Us

Read Our Petition And Research Paper!

Attached below is our petition in which we outline our demand to remove the LASD from our community. Additionally, we have written a paper synthesizing the data that has led us to conclude that the LASD must be replaced.


Our Mission


Uplift And Inspire

Our movement was born out of our strong sense of attachment and appreciation for our community here in La Canada. As long-standing community members we seek to educate and empower our neighbors and supporters to combat racism in our city and beyond. We started this movement because we realized that the voices and actions of the larger racial justice movements in Los Angeles were not being heard in our community. We hope to continue using our platform to amplify the voices of those who have come before us and those who have been doing this work for generations.


While redesigning our public safety system will require years of work, we are committed to replacing the LASD in our community with a public safety system that adequately addresses the needs of residents. The actions of the LASD are inexcusable. Supporting the presence of law enforcement should not mean supporting the actions of domestic abusers, rapists, and organized criminals. We need to take a stand against the acts of evil committed against the residents of LA County at the hands of the LASD by committing to building a suitable replacement and subsequently terminating our contract with the LASD when their services are no longer necessary. We have compiled the research that has led us to conclude that the LASD must be abolished in a report titled “Does the LASD Need to be Replaced? Yes” linked above.

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Build Community

Our commitment to bettering our community is at the core of our work at La Canada BLM. We are guided and inspired by the needs of local residents and seek to provide resources to help spur public engagement. Our main focus is to support one another in designing a public safety system that is truly just and equitable. While this goal may seem very specific, public support comes in many different forms and we are committed to helping community members of any age and qualification get involved. Whether it's organizing a protest, meeting with our city officials, creating a school club, or simply asking questions about our work, we are here and more than willing to provide you with any support you need! Redesigning our public safety system depends on your support.


Learn More And Get Involved

While being an activist and organizer can be a big commitment it certainly does not have to be! Click the links below to learn about local volunteer opportunities available to you!



Active participation is an essential part of our movement’s success. Click to learn more about our protests or to learn how to host your own!

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Every individual has the ability to motivate others and inspire true change. Click here to share your ideas or get inspired!

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Guide To Local Government

Here is a guide to our representatives at the local, state, and federal level and what they can do for you!


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