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Last year Glendale led the way by passing the first ever Sundown Town Resolution in California, recognizing Glendale's history of purposefully excluding Black people and other people of color from the City. We hope to follow Glendale's lead by passing a similar resolution for our community in the City of La Canada Flintridge, addressing how our community benefits from the legacy of redlining and housing discrimination. We are using the tag #AllAreWelcomeLA to encourage other cities throughout LA County with histories of racial injustice to follow Glendale's lead and create an LA County where all are truly welcome.

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1. See if your community was impacted by redlining


The phrase All Are Welcome LA is an affirmation that people of all races especially Black People and people of color, but also queer people, people with disabilities, immigrants, etc... have a right to feel safe, protected, and supported in the communities they call home. Unfortunately, the phrase is also a contradiction as cities throughout LA County have purposefully excluded and discriminated against these groups for generations. Redlining and racist housing policies are one way that LACounty cities have purposefully excluded BIPOC. We encourage you to check out the map and the #AllAreWelcomeLA initiative so that you can engage in the work to create a truly inclusive and welcoming LA County.

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2. Find your local group!

Power in Numbers

There are dozens of groups across LA County currently working to combat injustice in their communities! Click the link below to view a list of groups compiled by InThisTogetherLA, that may be interested in supporting the #AllAreWelcomeLA initiative. Or email us at to learn how you can get involved. We are part of the LA Activist Coalition and would love to welcome you into the activist space as we work to unite the voices of communities throughout LA County!

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3. Be Inspired

Checkout Glendale's Resolution! They can serve as a model for cities across LA County and beyond to begin reckoning with their past to secure a more just and equitable future.

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4. Help Us Unite LA!

While the Glendale Resolution is largely symbolic in nature it as an important first step towards healing the Glendale community. By uniting our efforts and passing resolutions across LA County we can start a conversation about racial injustice in communities that have largely ignored their complicity in racial discrimination. We hope these resolutions will serve as a starting point for communities from the desert to the Pacific to begin doing the work to ensure that all are truly welcome in LA County. Whether you are a longtime activist or are just learning what redlining is we welcome you to join us to learn more about the initiative.

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