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Join The
La Canada Youth Council!

The youth council meets on the 1st Friday of every month at 3:30 pm. The council consists of 9 members; five of the members are appointed by the City Council to serve two year terms and the remaining four are elected by each of the four high schools (Flintridge Preparatory School, La Cañada High School, Sacred Heart Academy, and St. Francis High School) to serve one year terms. The city website describes the youth council as follows:

"The purpose of the Youth Council is to provide a forum specifically for the discussion of youth issues and to expose youth to the nature and scope of city government. Duties of all Youth Council members include proposing, developing and recommending programs intended to provide recreational opportunities, skills development, independence and self-acknowledgment and to promote acceptance of youth in all aspects of the community through cooperation with and assisting community agencies and city departments to foster mutual understanding and respect for youth. Youth Council members also recommend to the City Council changes in procedure, policies, and legislation for the purposes of improving youth involvement in the community."

LC Youth Council: Welcome

Join a Local Commission

The city closed applications for the most recent cycle on March 26, 2021. If you are interested in helping make La Canada a more inclusive and welcoming community please consider applying during next years cycle. These commissions help advise our council and in turn directly impact our daily lives. We have the opportunity to directly pressure and advise our elected officials to take action to make our community more inclusive and anti-racist through the youth council and other comissions. Let's take it!

LC Youth Council: Welcome

Why Local Government Matters!

While often overlooked, the power of our local city officials to enact change and shape our community should not be understated! Aside from the services provided to us by Los Angeles County, our local officials have the ability to create and change legislation that has a dramatic impact on our community. Despite this, we are often unaware of local politics, or at least not beyond the level of rumors and historical stereotypes. This is a specially true for the youth and minorities who are often prevented from being able to effectively voice their concerns and create change. Becoming active in our local government is your opportunity to make the changes you want to see in La Canada. The Council has the ability to create legislation and policies to make our city more inclusive, diverse, and environmentally friendly. Want a new hiking trail? Ban plastic bags in the city? Create a new bike lane? Form a diversity and inclusion team for the city? These are all examples of changes and ideas you can bring to the council!

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